As a cop, Dr. G, has written a number of articles, research projects and associated investigative efforts. He's been an active member in the criminal justice field for over 32 years.  As a police officer, deputy sheriff and law enforcement trainer, he has been involved in a number of criminal justice activities.  Dr. G is the former director of a police academy and a retired chief of police. As a police academy director, he was responsible for basic recruit training, as well as advanced and career development courses for in-service law enforcement personnel. His involvement in law enforcement education extends nation-wide. 
    Dr. G has also served as a professor of criminology on the faculties a major state university, a local community college, a private university, and the local vocational technical institute’s Criminal Justice Academy. Privately, he serves as an educational consultant to agencies, schools and colleges on matters of law enforcement training.
    Dr. G holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in Criminology, and M.P.A. degree in Public Administration, and a Ph.D. in Biblical Philosophy. As a certified law enforcement instructor, he holds certifications in general studies, WMD, law, firearms, driving, medical first responder, human diversity and defensive tactics.  As a martial arts practitioner, he has taught classes on self-defense and personal safety education. And, holds advanced ranking in Karate and Jujitsu.
    Over the years, Dr. G has written and published articles and training manuals related to the field of criminal justice and law enforcement.  His training materials have been used in college courses and police academy training programs.  He remains an active member of several professional associations at the state, national and international levels. In addition, he participates in several local writer’s groups and continues to write both fiction and non-fiction projects. Randy continues to consult on educational training issues for public and private organizations. Currently, he promotes an active interest for crime writing among his students.
Sample Story - Knight Checks Queen
By Randy Gonzalez

    “Nice view, bad shot angle” he commented to himself with quiet satisfaction.  From his vantage point, Paladin Payne had a clear shot at his target.  “She’s wide open.  Easy prey.  The only problem,” he noted under his breath, “too many people, and too many witnesses.  No guns. Too much commotion, even with a silencer. Knife up close and personal, perhaps.  From the back, through the ribs into the heart muscle.  Maybe.  Garrote from behind?  Not here.  Or, poison over lunch, a possibility?  Arrogant self-indulgence endangers us all.” A grim smirk formed over cruel lips on a maturely handsome face.  “Some people think this is a wonderful world.  Others are afraid it might be the truth.  If the word is given, she will be taken out, with extreme prejudice.  We all face that, sooner or later.  Death is footsteps behind us trying to catch up.”  He thought the coffee was particularly good today.  London was a fun place to be.
    He was sitting in a fashionable coffee shop. Comfortably elegant, the coffee bar was inside a shopping mall outside London.  Earthy colors of brown, beige and chocolate mingled to create a subdued atmosphere.  His blue blazer, with gold buttons, matched the slacks.  They were expensive.  Soft black leather loafers gave him a casual but tailored look.   The long sleeve white shirt had button down collars.  His wrist watch was a Patek Philippe.  Worth two hundred thousand U.S. dollars.  It had a vintage rose gold dial and brown alligator wrist strap. With a platinum rectangular case, the watch spoke of elegance, style and sophistication.  A dapper dresser, he appreciated the finer things in life.  Dark roast espresso coffee was among those.  In addition to nice clothes, he enjoyed good food, fast cars and dangerous women.  Aside from the emotional baggage, he’d only been physically injured by women.  Chiseled good looks, toned toughness and mannerly behavior, got him into warm receptive places.  Steel grey eyes and a salt and pepper tint gave him flirting attention.  But, professional paranoia kept most people at arms length. 
    “One must always have a reactionary gap tied to an effective escape route,” he mused, as he studied his target.  He could see her through the huge window panes of the boutique.  “Proper planning prevents poor performance was something to live by.   How many things in life does that apply to?”  Sarcasm and cynicism commingled in his thoughts.  He sensed something.  What was it?  A steely stare scanned the commercial and human landscape.  Shoppers huddled, lovers touched, and children’s shrill voices echoed.  Rich coffees smells mingled with food cooking in fast fool restaurants.  Distractions were everywhere.
    Bang! A sound erupted nearby.  Like a muffled gun shot, the noise popped behind his back.  Not good he thought.  He tensed with serious focus.  With deliberate skill, his right hand instinctively went inside his coat.  Training kicked in.  Train like you play and play like you train.  Kill or be killed, never hesitate.  Fingers wrapped around a Sig Sauer P232 auto pistol.  Double action, the stainless steel gun held eight rounds.  One in the chamber and seven in the magazine.  A .380 caliber, the pistol weighed less than a pound fully loaded.  Slim, compact and durable, he’d never missed a target.  The barrel had a silencer. Ready to draw, he turned slowly in his chair.  In a split second, he could aim and fire ruthlessly.  He rotated in his seat.  As his eyes stop, he saw his target.  Continued in another section....

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